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Sparkling Wine

Vieni produces its sparkling wine using the Charmat-Martinotti method or Metodo Italiano. In this process the secondary fermentation which produces the bubbles occurs in autoclaves, which are large sealed stainless steel pressure tanks. The autoclaves are equipped with motorized agitators inside to simulate the process of riddling (bottle turning to remove sediment).  The Charmat method guarantees greater control over the quality consistency of the end product and is especially preferred when processing aromatic grapes such as Riesling and Traminer, where freshness and intensity of aromas are desirable traits.

Our master winemaker uses these automated, temperature-controlled autoclaves to process varietal grapes grown in the Vieni estate vineyards on thebreezy hills of the Vinemount Ridge, part of the Unesco World Heritage lands in Niagara.

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Unique and complex Sparkling Cabernet Icewine. Rich, suave plum aromas intertwine with hint of crème brûlée accents. Fizzy with an inviting mouth of candied fruits.

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